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I met Rithvik Ryaka in a Meetup at Lamaakan in 2014. He is popularly known as Dr. Motivation. I remember him holding camera taking snaps of the event and also giving a small session on Emotional Intelligence. He is a multidimensional personality who believes in preaching what he practices through his 20 principles of “Life & Academics”. His principles has made him recently a National Acclaim among students and professionals alike. He has been a guest at various top colleges like IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, NIT Trichy and BITS Pilani. He’s currently volunteering for Children in Government Schools and at TEDX events.

What motivated you start volunteering for children?

Post my near fatal accident in 2010, I had turned into a different person. I started looking out for the ‘purpose’ in everything I used to do. During my period as an observer at Apollo Hospitals, I had met many children as patients who continue to inspire me. I also started to volunteer for Pulse Polio campaigns later. Thus, I credit children for inspiring me to go beyond ‘just living’ to a ‘purposeful living’.

What are the major topics you teach children at Govt schools?

I come with the experience of leading a research project, knowledge of medications, diseases & case studies with patient counselling at Apollo Hospitals during Doctor of Pharmacy with a practical application of learning in various socio-economic domains. The topics I teach children in government schools are –

  1. Health Promotion
  2. Overcoming the fear of Math (with Speed Math)
  3. Gender Sensitisation
  4. Social Engineering (Interpersonal & Interview Skills)

What do you do other than Volunteering Children?

I am also a Life Skill Trainer & a Relationships Advisor to few VIPs. If anyone is going through a breakup / divorce / bad phase, they can always reach out to me. I also help students with Resume preparation and Interview Skills.

What would you advise youngsters who are looking to do something similar?

I would suggest them to discuss their future plans / goals openly with their family first. Serving the community requires passion and a real motive which has to be accepted by family members too. It is important because they would be impacting the lives of many individuals.


  1. Tharuni Mitra Award for community service (Govt school).
  2. Winner of Young Leader (Best Manager) at Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad – Only Non MBA to win the National Title.
  3. Winner of 18 competitions (includes 3 from various IITs & National gold medal for debate at Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad).

  4.  Awarded above 20 certificates of Merit & Appreciation (includes BITS Pilani & IIT Madras).


How does it feel to get awards and medals?​​

I express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has praised my passion in the form of an award/acknowledgement. I take it as an encouragement.

What is your Daily Routine?

I usually get-up early morning, I make sure I read the newspaper daily. These are two things which I have been following since the past fourteen years. Daily routine keeps changing but these two remain the same regardless of the travel or work involved.

What are your hobbies?

I have developed a habit of reading newspaper since my childhood. I also started reading various books on self-improvement and management post my accident. Once I started volunteering, I started meeting new people from various walks of life. Help yourself and help others grow in life became my hobby later.

How can someone contact you?

WhatsApp: +91 91775 21269
Email ID: ​​ or ​

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