Introducing Pen & Ink Artist

Here’s another story of an interesting lady I met in a Flea Market Bhargavi – a Pen & Ink Artist. This art was new to me and her drawings were simple, creative and artistic. Her way of presenting the reality in her drawings drew me to write a story on her and here it goes…

Bhargavi - Pen & Ink Artist
Pen & Ink Artist Introduction

How did it all start?

Drawing is something which I have always been doing. . When I was working in Delhi, I started pursuing it more in the weekends as I had a full-time job. My pen and Ink journey started from here. Few years back I got married and I moved to a country, I could afford to not work and focus on creating illustrations and improving my skill. It’s not always very easy to work on it, as I get stuck and I am not happy with what I did. The lovely artists I see on Instagram inspire me to go on with my journey. I have also been using watercolor with pen & ink.

What are the tools you used?

Currently, I am using Moleskine books and a different  set of pens – mostly Rotring Isograph pens as they are refillable. I use disposable pens only during travel. I sketch when I’m in airports, cafes or when I’m at someone’s place. I maintain a separate travel journal, capturing the experience in the form of notes and sketches.

pens & books used by pen & ink artist

How did you stay Inspired and Motivated in your work?

I like drawing birds, It has pushed me to further understand them. I’m currently reading books about them and that way I’m also getting back to my reading habit. I have recently got into drawing people captured through travel photos. Slowly I’m moving from imaginary to actual life around us. I feel there are some many nice things around us which we don’t notice. Style wise I like working with pen and ink. Watercolors is something which I would like to continue using.  

What are you Strength and Support?

My mother has always been appreciative of my skills from childhood and has played a key role. I remember her accompanying me to art competitions. She still hopes I get recognized some day for my work. As I grew up, an artist-neighbor in Goa taught me painting. I receive constant appreciation from friends I made in college and workplace. Post marriage I am able to pursue illustration because of my husband. Support and Strength has majorly come from all these people.

Pen & Ink Artist's Strength and Support
thinking of I have learnt

Have you learnt anything new while working on it?

I learn through books, other illustrators and travel. I take photographs of people, food, aesthetics of places (cafes, homes etc) and greens while I travel and use them as references for illustration. From other illustrators I learnt about their journey, how they developed their style.

What is your Daily Routine?

My daily routine is to make at-least one drawing everyday. Apart from this I do other household things, read and try to step out sometimes in the week. Doing other tasks helps me refresh my mind. I find it necessary to take break from art sometimes. Exploring life gives me cues to illustrate.  

saying daily routine
pen & ink artist advice

An Advice you would like to give…

I believe that one should hold on to their  personal interests and hobbies, no matter what life demands otherwise. To do what one loves gives peace. It could be the break from other aspects of life. Not all aspirants can be successful as full time artists. Don’t let that beat you down. Many artists have full-time jobs in other sectors. Basic financial security is necessary. Not able to sustain personal life hinders artistic pursuits. Be creative and realistic.  

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Prashanth · March 6, 2018 at 3:06 PM

Woww wat an amazing art work and proper utilization of her interests and hobbies….. I hope her work gets her name and recognition.

    Storyliner · March 6, 2018 at 4:37 PM

    Thank you Prashanth 🙂 , do follow her Instagram pages – InkLinkElements and ChangingPerch

Tannistha · April 9, 2018 at 3:59 PM

Hey this piece was really interesting. I liked the way the write up is organized; its cute. And of course, such lovely work by Bhargavi. Would love to see more.

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